How to get more subscribers as a singer/musician on YouTube – The Ultimate Guide in 2021

If you are a musician or singer looking to grow your subscribers on YouTube, then this is the guide for you. In this guide, we will walk you through practical ways you can grow your subscriber count.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get to it.

Collaborate With Other YouTubers

The first way to go viral on YouTube and get your name out there is to collaborate with other YouTube musicians. Here are 5 reasons to do so:


Collaborating with other artists gives you the exposure you need to new audiences that enjoy the kind of music you produce.

By collaborating with YouTubers with a higher subscriber count than you can expose you to their audience and also boost your ranking on YouTube since your name will pop up on search results.

Also, you get free promotions for the rest of your life. Because whenever someone new goes to the channel of the YouTuber you collaborated with, they are going to see you there. And this can be a source of free passive traffic.

You Get More Shares

Besides YouTube, when you collaborate with other YouTubers, they are likely going to post the video on their social media accounts.

 When they do, they expose you to the audience they have grown on social media over the years. Their audiences trust them, so when they post an excerpt from your song, their audience will definitely to the song.

And we all know how viral people can get on social media. Through social media, people will get curious and then click on the shared video, and when they like it, they will share it with other friends on social media, and the cycle goes on.

And I mean, you never know who is following them on social media, it could be record labels or other YouTubers, or managers who might find your work awesome and might want to feature you in their work.

Collaborating with other artists exposes you to eyeballs you never would have thought to see your work.

Tour Opportunities

If you can feature an artist, you and the artist can go on tours together. I mean they can invite you to their tours, and you can invite them to yours as well.

Also, if you are touring their city, you can invite them to perform as a special performing guest.

Now we know why you should collaborate with another artist, let’s take a look at how you can collaborate with YouTube musicians:

Connect With Like-minded People

Source: YouTube

The first step to collaborating with other YouTubers is to make sure they make your type of content. You do not want to collaborate with just any musician, you want to make sure that they do your style of music. Doing this will give you an effortless synergy and ensure that produce content you both love to do.

We recommend that you start by searching on YouTube, and then find other channels that are similar to yours. For example, if you are a vocalist, you want to start by collaborating with other vocalists too. If you are a drummer, you want to do the same. You can also look into collaborating with people that make the same genre as you.

When starting, you do not want to look at subscribers they have or how big they are. You want to make sure that the first thing you look out for is how you connect and vibe with the energy of the person and the way they present their content.

We recommend you watch a lot of their videos to understand how they go about their content. Also, you must evaluate the way they deliver the content and their energy.

Trust me, besides the talent, people are going to be drawn in to watch the collaboration depending on how effortless you both flow.

Besides the synergy, connecting with like-minded people ensures that you connect with an audience similar to yours. You can reach out to the right audience who will find it easy to vibe with the music you produce.

Grow Your Channel First

Source: YouTube

Everyone wants to benefit from a collaboration. So, if you do not have enough of a audience, it will be quite difficult for other YouTubers to collaborate with you. Because before someone agrees to collaborate with you, they will review your channel first to see the kind of content you have and the views you can generate.

This is why we highly recommend you reach out to other creators once you get your channel monetized. If you have 1000 or fewer subscribers, you might want to close the window on collaborations. You can try out a collaboration when you hit 1500 subscribers, and trust me, it will be easy for brands to work with you. Because the person you are collaborating with also wants to tap into your fanbase.

Besides the subscriber count, you want to make sure that you have a substantial amount of videos on your channel. I mean if you have less than 80 videos, most YouTubers wouldn’t want to collaborate with you. Because people want to make sure that the investment they are making is worthwhile. No one will want to collaborate with you if you aren’t consistent or if you do not put in the effort in making videos. So, we recommend you have at least 80 videos before you reach out to collab with others.

Reach Out To People In Your Circle

You want to start by reaching out to people within your subscriber range. Most beginner YouTubers reach out to YouTubers that are way beyond their subscriber range. What I mean by this is, if you have let’s say 10K subscribers, you do not want to reach out to an artist with 1 million subscribers. Because it will be difficult for them to respond to you, and they might think it isn’t worth it– unless your talent is exceptional, then they might consider.

The reason why big YouTubers with 1 million subscribers wouldn’t get back to you when you reach out is that they might think that they can make more gains, in the long run, making videos for their channel than making a video with someone with much fewer subscribers.

So, if you have 20K subscribers, you want to reach out to YouTubers with 50K, or 80K subscribers and try a collab with them. Collaborating with such YouTubers will be affordable and the chances of them getting back to you are high. However, you can still try your luck with YouTubers with 1 million subscribers, I mean, who knows? You might be lucky.

Start With Friends

Reaching out to friends and people you know can be an effective way to get your name out there. This is because of two reasons:

The first is it is easy, I mean your friends and family aren’t going to stress you out or keep you waiting before they collaborate with you. Also, because they know you are passionate about building your YouTube audience, they can help you out. And I mean, they aren’t going to review your channel before they help you out, they will do it for you because of the relationship they have with you or your friends. So, start with the people you know.

The second reason why you want to do this is that you can use that as your sales pitch.

When you start with friends, they give you exposure to how collaboration work. When you upload these collaborations on your channel, you can show that to other any artists you want to collaborate with. And doing this will entice them to want to collaborate with you.

How Can You Help Them?

When reaching out to other YouTubers you want to think about what you can do for them through the collab. You do not want it to be about you just wanting a collab. You want the person to understand that they are benefiting from collaborating with you. Thinking this way will help you write a compelling message that will make the person want to work with you immediately.

Build A Relationship First

You must build a relationship first with anyone you want to collaborate with before actually requesting a collab. This process will make it much easier for them to be comfortable enough to collaborate with you. People love to do favors for people they know, so, if you want collaboration, you want to build a relationship first.

Building a relationship is simple. You can start by commenting on their videos for at least a month or two before you request a collab. This way when they see your message, they wouldn’t hesitate to reach out back to you.

Reach Out In Creative Ways

You want to make sure that you reach out in a creative way that will let the person respond immediately. We live in social media era where people are in a haste. So, instead of just writing a message to the person, you can send a short video or try commenting on their comment section. Or have some of your fans commenting on the comment section of the person you want to collaborate with. You do not necessarily have to write a letter.

Once they agree to do a collab with you, you want to make sure that you maximize the opportunity at hand. What I mean is that you want to make sure that you create content that people will love to talk about.

So, for example, instead of creating a duet and singing a song together, you can reconstruct that and make it a singing challenge. This will get your subscribers and their subscribers eager to see who wins. You can ask your subscribers to comment below on who they think the winner is, and they will be eager to share their two cents on who they think is the best. If you are a drummer you can do a drum-off.

You want to think of creative ways you can make content that people will engage with. And the more people engage with the video, the further the YouTube algorithm will push the video forward.


I mean if you have 1000 or fewer subscribers it will be almost impossible to get a collaboration. But what if I told you there was a way? Well, instead of asking for a collab, you can ask for a shoutout. A shoutout simply means another channel mentions your name in their video and praises and recommends your content to their viewers.

This makes it a great way to get views and subscribers to your channel.

For shoutouts, most big YouTubers wouldn’t care about the number of subscribers you have, which is why we recommend it to smaller YouTubers. However, these shoutouts do come at a fee, so, you will have to keep that in mind. However, before requesting a shout-out you must put some great work into your channel and post engaging content that will compel the traffic you get to subscribe. Do not ask for a shoutout when you have one or 10 videos.

To request a shoutout, make sure you follow the same steps outlined in the process of asking for a collaboration. Also, make sure that the big channel giving you the shoutout displays your channel for their viewers to see the kind of videos you create. And also, ensure that they leave a link to your channel in their description box.

How To Ask For A Shout Out?

Many channels on YouTube would tell you shoutouts do not work. Well, this is because most people do not target the right channel. I mean if you are a music artist, you do not want to ask for shoutouts on a gaming channel. These two channels do not correlate in any way, and it is quite difficult for their subscribers to follow your content.

You want to make sure that you ask for shoutouts from other music channels, and their fans will find a common interest and then follow you. It will be much better if you can get people within your genre. So, if you are a rap artist, you want to request a shoutout from another rapper, if you are a singer, you want to request a shoutout from another singer.

Create Viral Content

Mario Kart Love Song – Sam Hart (11+ Million Views)

Sometimes, all you need is just one viral video to get you out there. Well, luckily, we have some tips you can apply to help you create a viral video.

Viral videos can come from any video, so, you will need to apply these tips to multiple videos and definitely, one or a couple will go viral. The great thing about YouTube’s virality is that it doesn’t matter the size of the channel. A channel will less than 1000 subscribers can have its content go viral, and a channel with 1 million subscribers can have its content go viral.

So, the question now is: what do you have to do to get your video to go viral? Here are some tips to follow to help you out:

Have A Great Thumbnail

Humans are visual creatures, and as the saying goes “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Thumbnails are the finishing touch you give to your video to draw people in to click. Before people even read the title of your video, the first thing they see is the thumbnail. So, if you want your video to go viral, you have to put some work into your thumbnails.

Thumbnails drastically improve your click-through rate because if your videos do not get clicked on, there is no way people will watch them.

Source: YouTube

So, how do you create an eye-catching thumbnail?

The first step to creating an eye-catching thumbnail is to choose the part that matters the most. You want to make sure the thumbnail you post captures the most intriguing or exciting part of the video. So, for example, if you are a vocalist, you want your thumbnail to be the part where you hit a high note or the part you show the most emotions. Also, if you are posting a collab with another YouTuber, you want to ensure that your thumbnail has that person present.

The second step to creating the thumbnail has to do with using the right size. For YouTube, you want to ensure that your thumbnail has a resolution of 1280X720 size, with at least a width of 640 pixels.

In addition, you want to make sure that the thumbnail has crystal clear images and ensure your background is bright. Also, you want to make sure that the color of any writing on the thumbnail is in contrast with the background color.

Finally, you want to research. You want to analyze some of the big singers on YouTube in your niche. Try to see how well they make their thumbnails, and try to incorporate those tips into your video.

Optimizing Your Videos

The second way to make sure you go viral is to optimize your video. Optimizing your video is non-negotiable. Optimizing your video is important because it helps you get free organic traffic on YouTube. When you optimize your videos correctly, YouTube shows it to your target audience by ranking you high up on the search results page to give you the exposure you need.

When a viewer looks up a video, they are going to click on videos on the first search results page. However, they are going to click on one of the first ten videos that pop up. This is why you need to strive to optimize your videos to give you a better ranking.

Trust me, people aren’t even going to see your video pop up or even your thumbnail if you do not optimize your videos. The whole optimization process can be laborious; however, we have a simple and intuitive guide you can follow to help you optimize your videos for a higher ranking.

So, if you are trying to go viral, then you need to optimize your video.

Create Great Content

The final way to get your video to go viral is to make sure that you create great content. You have been able to rank your video on the first search results page, and you’ve been able to compel the viewer to click on your video by using an eye-catching thumbnail. So, the next important step now is to give the viewer what the expected from your video.

Creating great content guarantees you that the viewer will watch the whole video, engage with it through likes and comments, and share it with other people. Well, when viewers watch an entire video, it increases your channel’s watch time and audience retention. These are two important metrics Google uses to determine how well viewers like a specific video. So, when Google sees that more people have watched more than 80% of the video, it signals to them that the video provides the viewer with valuable information, thereby causing the algorithm to recommend the video to people who might like your content.

Also, when people engage with your video by commenting and like it, they improve your engagement signal which tells YouTube’s algorithm that your video is interactive, causing it to share the video with people who might like it at well.

Finally, great content will cause the viewers to share the video with their friends and family with similar interests as them.

For you to create great content, you will have to determine what your audience wants and also devise a content marketing strategy to help you give your audience what they want.

This video should help you build a great content strategy:

Promote Your Videos Using Paid Ads

Another way to get your videos to go viral is to use YouTube ads. YouTube ads work, and it is a great way to kickstart and get it to a much larger audience regardless of your channel size.

Subscribers and views are what YouTube is all about, so if you do not have a substantial amount of subscribers then your channel will be irrelevant.

Paid ads serve as a great way for content creators to get their content to the right audience and grow their channel exponentially. So, why YouTube Ads?


YouTube ads are generally inexpensive compared to other paid ad serves such as Google PPC and Facebook ads. This makes YouTube ads a cost-effective way to generate an avalanche of traffic at a much cheaper cost.

As a beginner, price should be the first metric to look out for when selecting an ad strategy.

Besides the affordable price, the reason why YouTube paid ads is cost-effective is because you only pay when someone watches your ad video. YouTube doesn’t charge you a penny until someone watches at least 30 seconds of your ad or interacts with your ad. This way, you do not waste money on ads that do not make the impact you want.

Effective Marketing Strategy

YouTube ads use videos which is the most effective marketing strategy. Because videos allow you to express yourself in a way that touches the heart of your audience.

Also, with 65% of the world composing of visual learners, there is no better way to show the world your talent than using YouTube Ads. With YouTube ads, the viewer doesn’t get to skip the ads until after 5 seconds. Giving you the chance to captivate the viewer’s attention.

You Reach Your Targeted Audience

YouTube’s algorithm tries as much as possible to ensure that your ad reaches the right audience by using the information you provide. YouTube’s algorithm will share your music video to people based on who they are, what they like, and their geographical location. This will ensure that the right people are watching your videos.

Now, you know the benefits of YouTube ads, let’s take a look at how you can create a compelling YouTube ad.

How To Create An effective YouTube Ad:

Step 1: Your Content Is Essential

The first step in creating a YouTube ad is to make sure you have a good-looking channel. The YouTube ad is going to bring in the traffic; however, the content on your channel is what is going to make them subscribe.

So, before you bold step to invest your hard-earned money into a YouTube ad campaign, you need to make sure that you have your channel ready for the traffic that is to come.

By preparing your channel, we mean that you need to make sure that your channel has some content (at least 20 videos). Also, you need to make sure that the videos you have are engaging. This is because most people are going to watch a couple of videos before they decide to subscribe. And the more videos you get, the more videos the viewers will watch, and the higher your watch time.

Also, do not forget to utilize eye-catching thumbnails. the whole idea here is to convert the visitor to a subscriber.

Step 2: Prepare a Banner:

Besides the content, you want to also make sure that you have a good-looking icon and banner. These two things speak about what your brand is about. Generally, you want to make sure your banner and icon represent who you are. These two features make your channel look more professional and enticing. The channel banner is the first thing a viewer will see when they visit your channel, so you want to make sure that it communicates who you are.

You want to start thinking of ways you can create a banner that represents you. You do not have to stress in creating one for yourself if it is stressful. You can outsource the banner design to freelancers and you would be surprised with the designs they create.

Step 3: Now You Can Create The Ad

Once you have your channel set up, it is time to create the ad.

When creating the ad, make sure to fill in every information accurately because YouTube will use that to understand the genre your music is and the demographic you want to attract.

You will be required to upload a video to help you with your ad. We highly recommend you choose your best music video. If possible you want to choose a video of a collaboration you did with someone popular. The video might reach their audience, and they will be excited to click to listen to the song produced.

Jump On Current Trends

As a small music YouTuber looking to grow your fanbase, one of your best options is to jump on current trends happening. For example, you want to release a cover for if any new song from a popular artist that is making waves. You want the get into the studio immediately and release a cover of that song or add your spin to it.

Covering a song isn’t only limited to a vocalist, you can do a drum cover or reproduce the beat. Whatever be the case, you want to make sure that you capitalize on the hype to get the fame you need.

Another way to jump on trends is through compilation. This involves making a list of all the top 10 songs that trended for the year and then you can do a cover to them or mix them or drum to them. So, for example, you can make a list of 10 ten songs for 2021.

When doing covers and compilations, it is important that you add your touch to them and also, cover relevant and popular songs. Do not just cover any song, but cover a song that people love.

Also, every trend you see was started by someone. So, when you have a smart idea about a musical trend you can start, go ahead and start it, you might never know how far the trend will go.

One crucial reason to jump on trends is that it exposes you to eyeballs that would have never seen you.

This is because people that love the trend are going to see you doing the trend and then try to pay attention to you. Through that, you can leverage these viewers and convert them into your subscribers.

Also, as an upcoming artist, no one knows you exist and people might not even search you up. So, the best way for you to make yourself relevant and gain traction on your YouTube channel is through covers and trends.

Keywords & Hashtags

When jumping on these trends, you must use relevant keywords and hashtags to help appear on the search results page when someone is searching for the cover of their favorite song or trends. To help you find relevant keywords, and hashtags, check the section on this eBook that talks about how you can optimize your YouTube channel.

Utilize Other Social Media Platforms

If you are looking to grow your YouTube channel, then you must leverage the power of social media. Social media allow musicians to leverage their followers to subscribers.

A great place to start advertising yourself as a YouTuber is social media. We all have social media pages with friends and family. So, you can start by sharing your channel link with your friends, family, and followers on social media and then encourage them to subscribe. This can be a great way to build your first couple of followers.

Also, whenever you make a video, ensure to share it on your social media platforms and groups you are part of. Do not just share the link to your channel. Make sure that you share an excerpt of your video. Generally, we recommend you share a 10 to 30 seconds long excerpt alongside your link because this will be a great way to show people what to expect, and if they are interested, they will click on the link.

Another way to utilize these social media platforms is to jump on you want to go on social media to find trends that people are doing.

A great social media platform where you can create a trend or join a trend and go viral is TikTok. To find trends on TikTok, you simply click on the Discover tab, and you should be able to see all the biggest TikTok trends. By jumping on trends, you will be able to expose yourself to a larger audience who are eagerly waiting for content on that trends.

Another great social media platform to find trending videos is Instagram reels. Similarly, you can find the trendiest events by using the Discovery tab. It is important to note that you can only post short content on TikTok and Instagram Reels, so, you want to make sure that you post the juiciest part of your music video or drum videos to lure the viewers to visit your social media handle or YouTube page.

Just like covers, you want to make sure that you jump on trends that are relevant at the moment and have the hype.

You can also leverage the power of social media ads to promote yourself. Social media ads expose you to a much larger audience than you never would have thought of seeing.

Finally, you want to utilize influencers. These influencers already have the following, so, you can pay them a couple of bucks to post your excerpt on their social media page or story to help you reach their audience. However, before you pay an influencer, you want to make sure that their audience correlates to what you do.

Tips For Social Media:

Before you start sharing on social media, you want to make sure that you optimize your page with some of your YouTube content. A great way to force them to go to your YouTube channel is to post a teaser or a 45-second excerpt. To get the user glued to your channel.

Also, you want to make sure that you have a link to your YouTube channel in your bio. This way when people visit your page, they would be able to see the content you have, and if they are interested, they will click on the link in the bio to visit.

Post YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts is a new feature that gives viewers the chance to watch informative and entertaining videos within a short time frame. This feature is a great way to boost your views and engagement. This feature is only visible to viewers using mobile devices, and it is YouTube’s way of competing with TikTok and Reels.

YouTube shorts are changing the way YouTubers generate traffic to their videos. So, you must create YouTube shorts if you want to direct traffic to your channel. The great thing about YouTube shorts is that it makes it easy for viewers to subscribe, like, and share a video without having to visit your channel or watch a long video.

For you to post YouTube shorts, all you have to do is to make sure the video you are posting is 60 seconds or less and it is vertical, then you will automatically have your video added to the list of shorts videos.

These shorts have their tab on the YouTube app, and the reason why it is effective is that most viewers have a short attention span, so they’ll rather want a short video to grasp the entertainment or information they want rather than sitting for 10 minutes for such information or entertainment.

That been said, most people tend to check out the channels of creators who create great shorts. So, you must make your shorts to attract viewers.

For upcoming musicians, YouTube shorts present you with an opportunity to freely share your talent with the world in 60 seconds. We highly recommend you post short videos of covers you’ve done to maximize the viewers using this feature.

Also, use keywords and hashtags to help you rank higher.

These tips work; however, for you to see their effectiveness, you will need to utilize them consistently. Even though it might take time, using these tips will assure your videos go viral faster.


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