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What Music Do Dogs Like? Exploring Canine Music Preferences

The connection between dogs and music is a fascinating and evolving field of study that taps into our shared love for our four-legged companions and the universal language of melody

George 31 Min Read

Why do acoustic guitars have different shapes?

Acoustic guitars are not only instruments of music, they're works of art - each with its own unique shape, size,

bigtimemusicians 13 Min Read

How to Get Gigs as a Musician

I have a friend who wrote a great podcast script called “From Bedroom to Bar”. He talked about his own

bigtimemusicians 12 Min Read

Protect Your Music With Copyright: A Simple Guide

Copyright is a hot topic in the music industry right now. With the advent of streaming services like Spotify and

bigtimemusicians 13 Min Read

Top 5 Microphones for Singing on YouTube

If you're lucky enough to be blessed with a beautiful singing voice, then you've probably considered ways to share that gift with the world. Auditions can be hard to land,

bigtimemusicians 12 Min Read

Creating Websites for Singers – Full Guide

Websites can be a powerful tool for singers. They can help you promote your music and reach new fans, but

bigtimemusicians 15 Min Read

All you need to know about selling your music

The music business is one of the most dynamic industries, courtesy of modern technology and social media. YouTube, music downloading

bigtimemusicians 12 Min Read

The Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn for Beginners: The Journey to Musical Harmony

Music, with its ability to stir emotions, bring people together, and transcend cultural boundaries, has an enchanting allure that captivates

George 25 Min Read