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How to Start Playing Piano as an Adult

Many people will say that they wish they could play the piano but think they’ve left it too late. The level you reach will depend on many factors but if

Niall Niall 13 Min Read

How Music Affects the Brain: The Transformative Power of Music

Music is a universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and time periods. It has the remarkable ability to resonate deep

George George 29 Min Read

Is Music Sampling Legal? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Copyright and Sampling Laws

Introduction In the world of music production, sampling has become a ubiquitous practice, allowing artists to incorporate pre-existing audio recordings

George George 41 Min Read

How much do DJ’s earn: Industry insights

In this blog post we will be discussing the potential earnings of DJs. While it is impossible to accurately estimate

Niall Niall 22 Min Read

Do Old Electric Guitars Really Sound Better?: An In-Depth Analysis

The allure of vintage electric guitars has been a topic of heated debate among music enthusiasts, collectors, and guitarists for decades. Many assert that older guitars possess a certain "magic"

Niall Niall 15 Min Read

Why Musicians Wear Ear Pieces and What Exactly are the Earpieces For?

Earpieces that are used while you are performing to a large group or while on set are specifically known as

Niall Niall 12 Min Read

Musicians Who Started Late: Exploring the Reasons Behind Late-Blooming Musicians

When we think of successful musicians, images of young and vibrant artists often come to mind, capturing our attention with

George George 23 Min Read

Why So Many British Singers Sound American

In the music industry, it’s not uncommon for British singers to imitate an American accent. This phenomenon is often referred

Niall Niall 21 Min Read